[BIG-IP] Summary of information for setting up HTTP Compression profile

Load Balancer

Target environment

  • BIG-IP Virtual Edition
    • version 15.x.x

Overview of the HTTP Compression profile

  • The virtual server reads the Accept-Encoding header of the HTTP request header from the client. Then it sends an HTTP request with the Accept-Encoding header removed to the server.
  • The virtual server inserts the Content-Encoding header with either gzip or deflate based on Accept-Encoding for the HTTP reply received from the server and sends the HTTP reply to the client.

Details of setting items

General Properties

  • Name
  • Parent Profile


  • Selective Compression
  • URI Compression
  • URI List
  • Content Compression
  • Content List
  • Preferred Method
    • Specifies the preferred compression method for this profile
    • selection: Gzip or Deflate
  • Minimum Content Length
  • Compression Buffer Size
  • gzip Compression Level
  • gzip Memory Level
  • gzip Window Size
  • Vary Header
  • HTTP/1.0 Requests
  • Keep Accept Encoding
  • CPU Saver
  • CPU Saver High Threshold
  • CPU Saver Low Threshold




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