[BIG-IP] Summary of information for setting up OneConnect profile

Load Balancer

Target environment

  • BIG-IP Virtual Edition
    • version 15.x.x

Overview of the OneConnect profile

  • You can use the OneConnect profile to efficiently manage connections between virtual servers and pool members and increase throughput.
  • The OneConnect feature works with HTTP Keep-Alives to allow BIG-IP to reuse existing connections for other clients, minimizing the number of TCP connections on the server side.

Details of setting items

General Properties

  • Name
  • Parent Profile
    • Default: oneconnect


  • Source Prefix Length
    • None or Specify
  • Maximum Size
  • Maximum Age
  • Maximum Reuse
  • Idole Timeout Override
    • Specify, Disabled, or Indifinite
  • Limit Type
    • None, Idle, or Strict
  • Share Pools




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