[BIG-IP] Summary of information for setting up a Standard virtual server

Load Balancer

Target environment

  • BIG-IP Virtual Edition
    • version 15.x.x

Overview of Standard virtual server

  • A Standard virtual server is a general purpose virtual server that is the default virtual server type when you create a virtual server.
  • A Standard virtual server directs client traffic to a load balancing pool, and is the most basic type of virtual server.

Details of setting items

General Properties

  • Name
  • Description
  • Type
  • Source Address
    • Specifies the client IP address or network on which the virtual server accepts traffic
  • Destination Address/Mask
    • Specify the IP address (or subnet) of the virtual server
  • Service Port
    • Specify the service port of the virtual server
  • Notify Status to Virtual Address
  • State


The image below shows the setting items when TCP is selected as the [Protocol].

  • Protocol
    • *All Protocols
    • TCP
    • UDP
    • SCTP
    • IPsec ESP
    • IPsec AH
  • Protocol Profile (Client)
  • Protocol Profile (Server)
  • HTTP Profile (Client)
  • HTTP Profile (Server)
  • HTTP Proxy Connect Profile
  • FTP Profile
  • RTSP Profile
  • PPTP Profile
  • SOCKS Profile
  • Stream Profile
  • XML Profile
  • MQTT
  • SSL Profile (Client)
  • SSL Profile (Server)
  • Authentication Profiles
  • SMTPS Profile
  • POP3 Profile
  • Client LDAP Profile
  • Server LDAP Profile
  • Service Profile
  • SMTP Profile
  • WebSocket Profile
  • IMAP Profile
  • SplitSession Client Profile
  • SplitSession Server Profile
  • Connector Profile
  • DNS Profile
  • Diameter Profile
  • FIX Profile
  • Request Adapt Profile
  • Response Adapt Profile
  • SIP Profile
  • Statistics Profile
  • VLAN and Tunnel Traffic
    • All VLANs and Tunnels
      • Specifies that virtual servers are enabled on all VLANs and tunnels configured on the system.
    • Enabled on
      • Specifies that the virtual server is enabled on the VLANs and tunnels specified in the Selected list.
    • Disabled on
      • Specifies to disable the virtual server on the VLANs and tunnels specified in the Selected list.
  • VLANs and Tunnels
    • This setting item is displayed when Enabled on or Disabled on is selected for VLAN and Tunnel Traffic.
  • Source Address Translation
    • SNAT
      • Translate source addresses based on the specified SNAT pool
    • Auto Map
      • Use BIG-IP’s own IP address as an address pool
    • None(default)
      • Do not translate the source address
  • Bandwidth Controller
  • Traffic Class
  • Connection Limit
  • Eviction Policy
  • Eviction Protected
  • Connection Rate Limit
  • Connection Rate Limit Mode
  • Address Translation
  • Port Translation
  • Source Port
  • Clone Pool (Client)
  • Clone Pool (Server)
  • Auto Last Hop
  • Last Hop Pool
  • Transparent Nexthop
  • Classification Profile
  • NAT64
  • Request Logging Profile
  • VS Score
  • Immediate Action On Service Down

Content Rewrite

  • Immediate Action On Service Down
  • HTML Profile


  • iSession Profile
  • Rate Class
  • OneConnect Profile
  • NTLM Conn Pool
  • HTTP Compression Profile
  • Web Acceleration Profile
  • HTTP/2 Profile (Client)
  • HTTP/2 Profile (Server)
  • HTTP MRF Router


  • iRules
  • Policies
  • Default Pool
  • Default Persistence Profile
  • Fallback Persistence Profile




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