[Check Point R81] Precautions when changing the IP address of SNMP Agent Interfaces

Firewall (UTM)

Target environment

  • Check Point version R81

IP address change for SNMP Agent Interfaces

When setting up SNMP, set the Agent Interfaces in the following setting fields of the Gaia portal.

Agent Interfaces are responsible for sending SNMP Traps and accepting SNMP Get.

Be careful when changing the IP address of the interface set as the Agent Interface.

After changing the IP address of that interface, you need to restart snmpd (SNMP Agent Daemon).

Otherwise, SNMP problems will occur after changing the IP address.

How to restart snmpd

If you change any settings related to SNMP on Gaia OS, snmpd will be restarted automatically.

The simplest way to restart snmpd is to uncheck Agent Interfaces and then check it again.

There is no Apply button for Agent Interfaces. The moment you check or uncheck it, the settings will be confirmed and snmpd will be restarted.

I wish you good luck.


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