[Cisco] Which one should I use as the C891FJ-K9 IOS file?


Question: Which IOS should I use?

If you look at the product list on Cisco’s Software Download site, you can see that there are “C891F” and “C891FJ“.

Source: https://software.cisco.com/download/home/268438003

Checking each IOS file, you can see that the file name is as follows.

  • C891F >>>> “c800-universalk9…

  • C891FJ >>>> “c800j-universalk9…

Answer: Either can be used

c800-universalk9…” and “c800j-universalk9…” have different file names, but the contents of the files are exactly the same. So it doesn’t matter which file you use.


C891FJ-K9 の IOS イメージについて


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