[Cisco] Which one should I use as the C891FJ-K9 IOS file?


Question: Which IOS should I use?

If you look at the product list on Cisco’s Software Download site, you can see that there are “C891F” and “C891FJ“.

Source: https://software.cisco.com/download/home/268438003

Checking each IOS file, you can see that the file name is as follows.

  • C891F >>>> “c800-universalk9…

  • C891FJ >>>> “c800j-universalk9…

Answer: Either can be used

c800-universalk9…” and “c800j-universalk9…” have different file names, but the contents of the files are exactly the same. So it doesn’t matter which file you use.


C891FJ-K9 の IOS イメージについて
C891FJ-K9 の IOS として C891F-K9 の IOS を使用しても問題ありません。 C891FJ-K9 の IOS と C891F-K9 の IOS ではファイル名が異なりますがファイル名以外の差分はございませんのでどちらも使用可能です。 C891FJ-K9 の IOS ダウンロードページには以下のよ...


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