[Cisco Nexus 9000] About redistribution configuration to OSPF/EIGRP


Work environment

  • Nexsus 9300v
    • NXOS: version 9.3(10)

Redistribution configuration into OSPF

To configure redistribution to OSPF on Nexus, it is done within the router ospf configuration.

The syntax for redistribution settings is:

  • redistribute <redistribution source> route-map <route map name>
    • Specifying a route map is mandatory

Example: Redistribution Source Options on Nexus 9300v

Nexus9300v(config-router)# redistribute ?
  bgp             Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  direct          Directly connected
  eigrp           Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol (EIGRP)
  isis            ISO Intermediate-to-Intermediate (IS-IS)
  lisp            LISP EID-prefixes
  maximum-prefix  Maximum number of prefixes redistributed to protocol
  ospf            Open Shortest Path First (OSPFv2)
  rip             Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
  static          Static

Example: Configuration example for redistribution from EIGRP to OSPF

router ospf 10
 redistribute eigrp 10 route-map EIGRP_TO_OSPF

Nexus redistribute settings do not allow you to specify detailed options such as metric and metric-type. These options are specified within the route map.

route-map EIGRP_TO_OSPF permit 10
  set metric 100
  set metric-type type-1

About the subnets option

Cisco routers set the subnets option to redistribute routes to classless networks when configuring redistribution into OSPF, but the subnets option cannot be set on Nexus. By default, Nexus will also redistribute routes to classless networks, so no additional configuration is required.

Configuring Redistribution into EIGRP

The redistribution settings for EIGRP are configured in a similar manner as the redistribution settings for OSPF.

  • redistribute <redistribution source> route-map <route map name>
    • Specifying a route map is mandatory

Example: Configuration example for redistribution from OSFP to EIGRP

router eigrp 10
  redistribute ospf 10 route-map OSPF_TO_EIGRP

Example: Specifying metric in route-map

route-map OSPF_TO_EIGRP permit 10
  set metric 1000000 100 255 100 1500


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