[FortiGate] How to access the GUI of factory default FortiGate

Firewall (UTM)

Work environment

  • FortiGate 60E
    • version 7.0.1

Access the FortiGate GUI

Which port to connect to

To access FortiGate’s GUI, you need to connect your maintenance PC to FortiGate.

The connection destination port of the maintenance PC should be the mgmt port. However, for models that do not have a mgmt port, such as FortiGate 60E, connect the maintenance PC to one of the internal ports.

The initial IP address for FortiGate’s mgmt port (or internal port) is Therefore, set the IP address of the NIC of the maintenance PC to one of the IP addresses in the subnet of

Web access to FortiGate

Then open any browser and go to

For example, if you access with Chrome, the following screen will be displayed. Click Advanced > Proceed to (unsafe).

Then the following login screen will be displayed.

Enter the following to log in.

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Blank (Do not enter anything)

Next, you need to set the password for the admin user. On the screen below, enter the following and click OK.

  • Old Password: Blank (Do not enter anything)
  • New Password: New password string
  • Confirm Password: Enter the new password string again

Next, the login screen will be displayed again, so log in using the new password.

After logging in, the following screen will be displayed.

You can set the host name etc. from this screen, but since you can set it later, click Later to skip it here.

Next, the following screen will be displayed. By default, you’ll see a FortiOS introductory video every time you log in. If necessary, enable Don’t show again and click OK.

Finally, the FortiGate GUI dashboard screen is displayed.

After this, you can configure FortiGate as you like.

Administrative Access settings for the interface

FortiGate allows you to set which management access is allowed for each interface.

Note that in order to have administrative access (eg http, https, ssh, etc.) from an interface, that interface must be configured to allow for the target service.

Interface settings can be made from the Network > Interfaces screen.


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