[FortiGate] Check basic system setting items

Firewall (UTM)

Work environment

  • FortiGate 60E
    • version 7.0.1

System Settings

In the GUI, you can make system settings on the System > Settings screen.

Host name

The host name can be set at the top of the screen.

System Time

Settings related to the system time can be set in the following fields.

  • Time zone: The default is US & Canada time
  • Set Time: Select how to set the FortiGate system time. By default, it is set to synchronize with the NTP server.
    • Select server: Specifies whether to use FortiGuard as the NTP server or manually configure another NTP server. Only FortiGuard can be selected on the GUI.
    • Sync interval: The synchronization interval with the NTP server. The default is 60 minutes.
  • Setup device as local NTP server: Sets whether to enable the NTP server function on the FortiGate interface. Enabled by default.
    • Listen on Interfaces: Specifies the interface that accepts packets from NTP clients. Fortilink is specified by default.

Administration Settings

This field allows you to configure administrative access to FortiGate.

  • Redirect to HTTPS: Redirects to https when FortiGate is accessed http.
  • Idle timeout: The idle timeout period for the management access session. The default is 5 minutes.
  • FortiCloud Single Sign-On: Sets whether administrators can log in using FortiCloud single sign-on. The default is off.

WiFi Settings

Specifies the country or region where FortiGate is located. Your country determines the 802.11 bands and channels available. The default is United States.

Password Policy

You can set a password policy. The default is Off.

When you select Admin, the following items are displayed.

View Settings

  • Language: The display language of the GUI. The default is English.
  • Theme: You can change the look of the GUI. The default is Jade.
  • Date/Time display: The default is FortiGate Timezone.
  • NGFW Mode: The default is Profile-based.
  • Central SNAT: The default is Off.

Email Service

You can configure FortiGate to send an email to your administrator when an event occurs.

Debug Logs

You can download debug logs for troubleshooting.

System settings in CLI

Most of the configuration items listed above can be configured with the CLI config system global. (Some are set in different config items.)

FortiGate-60E (global) # show
config system global
    set alias "FortiGate-60E"
    set hostname "FortiGate-60E"
    set switch-controller enable
    set timezone 04


Settings | Administration Guide
config system global | CLI Reference


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