[Panasonic HUB] Basic knowledge for Switch-M24eG (PN28240K) configuration


Target environment

  • Switch-M24eG (PN28240K)

Console login (factory default user information)

The factory default user name and password are as follows.

  • user name: manager
  • password: manager

When the console is connected to the device, the following login prompt will be displayed, so log in with the initial user information.

PN28240K Local Management System Version x.x.x.xx
MAC Address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Serial Number:xxxxxxxxxxx

Login Menu

Login: manager
Password: *******

Run the CLI

After logging in, the following menu will be displayed. Enter [C] to run the CLI.

PN28240K Local Management System
Main Menu

[G]eneral Information
[B]asic Switch Configuration...
[A]dvanced Switch Configuration...
Switch [T]ools Configuration...
Save Configuration to [F]lash
Run [C]LI

Enter the character in square brackets to select option

Hierarchy of commands

There are four command hierarchies:

  1. User mode
    • Mode immediately after login
    • CLI prompt: hostname>
  2. Privileged mode
    • Mode for checking device status and operating configuration files
    • CLI prompt: hostname#
  3. Global configuration mode
    • Mode for configuring the device
    • CLI prompt: hostname(config)#
  4. Interface configuration mode
    • Mode for configuring device ports and VLANs
    • CLI prompt: hostname(config-if)#

Hierarchy change command

  • enable, disable
    • Change from user mode to privileged mode (enable) or change from privileged mode to user mode (disable)
hostname> enable
hostname# disable

  • configure
    • Change from privileged mode to global configuration mode
hostname# configure
  • interface
    • Change from global configuration mode to interface configuration mode
hostname(config)# interface vlan1
  • exit
    • Return to previous mode
hostname(config-if)# exit
hostname(config)# exit
  • end
    • Return to Privileged Mode from Configuration Mode
hostname(config-if)# end
  • logout
    • Return to the menu screen from any mode

Running-config and Startup-config

  • Running-config
    • config currently running
    • display command: # show running-config
  • Startup-config
    • saved config
    • display command: # show startup-config

Execute the following command to save the currently running configuration.

  • # copy running-config startup-config

“terminal length 0”

There is a terminal length command that specifies the number of log lines displayed on the terminal. Setting this to 0 will display an unlimited number of lines.

Execute this command in global configuration mode.

hostname(config)# terminal length 0

“show” commands example

  • # show sys-info
    • Up time, Version, Serial Number, MAC address IP address
  • # show ip conf
    • MAC address, IP address
  • # show cpuload
    • CPU utilization
  • # show interface info
    • Status of each port
  • # show interface counters [interface name]
    • Statistical information (normal system)
  • # show interface counters error [interface name]
    • Statistical information (error type)
  • # show syslog [tail <1-256>]
    • System log
  • # show tech
    • Technical support information

Reboot command

You can restart the device with the following command.

  • # reboot normal

Initialize to factory default

  • # reboot {default | default-except-ip}
    • default: Factory reset after reboot
    • default-except-ip: Restored to factory settings after reboot, except for IP address settings


パナソニックEWネットワークス株式会社の「Switch-M24eG」は、10/100/1000Mbps24ポート+ SFP2スロット(10/100/1000Tと排他利用)ギガスイッチイングハブです。


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